Convference at General Hotel

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General Hotel has 2 conference rooms that can become 1 large. We have 2 great smaller meeting rooms - but only 21 guest rooms - with a total of 44 beds. With us, your group can get the peace and quiet they need to do what must be done. And all this in combination with cool activities, games, traditional norwegian or italian food - and comfortable guest rooms.

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Conference packages

These articles are only in norwegian, unfortunatly. But we think you'll be able to get the general idea. Please just get in touch if you need a translation.

Norsk møtepakke

Her får du en ferdigsydd og gjennomtenkt lunsj-til-lunsj konferansepakke hvor maten har norsk-franske røtter.
Priser fra kr. 1.990,-/pers i enkeltrom.

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Italiensk møtepakke

Komplett italiensk lunsj-til-lunsj pakke! Vi serverer "trattoria-style" mat igjennom hele konferansen.
Priser fra kr. 1.990,-/pers i enkeltrom.

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You will find us at Helgelandsmoen, just 30 minutes from Sandvika or a good hour away from OSL Gardermoen.

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